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by TheGamingGeek at 8:51 PM
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Hello, me again!

So I thought it was about time that the Vikkcraft rules page was updated to give everyone more detailed information on what we consider to be right and wrong. There has been a little confusion in the past between staff and players about what we will allow and what we wont allow, whether that be on the server or right here on the forums. I hope that with the new page this issue will be solved and that through everyone working together we will ensure that Vikkcraft remains a fun and friendly place to play, no matter your age, sex (now now), race or general beliefs.

So, know where you stand (or sit in this case) and take a look for yourself:

I will be adding forum rules to this page very soon so be sure to check back in a day or two!

Happy Vikkcrafting,

Head Admin
by Bucko at 6:18 PM
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The Factions reset is now LIVE!

  • Overworld (Normal world) now has a 10,000 block world border
  • A new spawn
  • Nether now has a 7000 block world border
  • The End is now enabled, and has a 3000 block world border.
Starter Kit:
  • Now has full Iron!
  • Now Protection 2 Diamond armour with Unbreaking 2.
  • Now Protection 4 Diamond armour with Unbreaking 3.
by mattmunky at 11:20 PM
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Hello again!

As you may or may not know, our Factions server will be undergoing a full reset along with a number of other changes and updates (Full details can be found here: at some point in the near future.

Since Factions has been fairly unchanged in it's core principles and gameplay since it's release, I wanted to put forward a suggestion to hopefully improve the way people experience Factions as a whole, and to give people new ways of progressing through, and interacting with, the world and the various plugins we are currently running without detracting from what makes Factions enjoyable for so many people.

In my opinion, the aspect of Factions based around McMMO and individual player leveling is very important to the whole experience. However, in terms of leveling skills and attributes, it seems rather one-dimensional in the sense that a lot of the skill trees are based around...