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by Bucko at 11:43 PM
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Following on from Vikkstar's original post, we have had further changes to the staff team.

The Dev position has been taken up by myself, and my Admin position has been taken by AndrewCFC.
Congratulations to Andrew on his new position, and thank you to him for his hard work and dedication that he has put towards the server.

Also, we are looking for new mods to replace Andrew so feel free to apply here if you're of the age of 15+!

by Vikkstar123 at 9:46 PM
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Hey guys,

This is my first forum post on here, it's a shame it has a negative slant to it.

Before I get into that I just want to say how wonderful it has been to have a Minecraft server with such a diverse community surrounding it, a place for my fans to play games. It hasn't been an easy process and is a constant battle to keep things running smoothly.

Recently our Dev MrWonanother (SheriffWoody) and Head-Admin Sabrine have stepped down from their positions on the team. They've been part of the server since it began and have both been a great help.
by sgtcaze at 6:10 AM
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I wanted to set some time aside to talk about the infamous LAG and BUGS present on the server. Hopefully after reading this, you'll gain a closer understanding about the issues we encounter.

Relevant Quote: "A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship". Here's a quick FAQ to kick this off:

Why does VikkCraftSG lag?
Contrary to popular belief, VikkCraftSG and the servers do not lag. That is, they don't lag in the way you're probably thinking. Java is a very fickle environment to run minecraft servers on. Think of Java like a series of dominoes: if just one falls, they all do. You may have noticed that, from time to time, there are unexpected freezes during game-play. This is because if a server crash is substantial enough, it can bring down the entire JVM.

Why are there so many bugs?
When people don't post on the "Bugs" section of the forums, I am led to believe there are no bugs. Please do not assume that "someone else will report it", since, for...