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by MoodyatoR at 2:50 AM
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Oh look! Me again! Thanks to Caze for breaking the post streak I had going for the front page.

Anyhows, to keep this brief, who likes sales? I sure as heck do and hopefully you do too! To celebrate the Christmas period and New Years, all ranks are discounted by 20% up until New Years Day!

Lemme repeat that in bold and with a larger font for the those that are just reading the front page

Permanent ranks are discounted by 20%
from 20/12 till 1/1

Keep in mind that all ranks are permanent now so be sure to grab that rank as soon as possible!

Enjoy your holidays and best of luck to those of you with mock exams when you get back in January!

and Bucko
by sgtcaze at 7:35 PM
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VikkCraft 3.0 started out as minor improvements to the code-base, additional donor/staff features, and some bug fixes. This very quickly got out of hand, and VikkCraft 3.0 quickly became the largest overhaul in the network's history. So what does this mean to the layman?

3.0 is BIG
What makes 3.0 so different from 2.0 is that absolutely 100% of it is not compatible with any of 2.0. This is mainly due to completely unique managers I have written into VikkCraftCORE (changelogs after release). I made VikkCraftCORE truly an all-in-one plugin that brings a bunch of awesome features, improvements and way more stuff to the table. When 3.0 hits, we expect to remove approximately 171 plugins from the network, and gain even MORE functionality and far superior performance!

VikkCraft 3.0 changes a tremendous amount of code, and because it is so wildly incompatible, I have carried out numerous tests with our testers @karrotveg...
by MoodyatoR at 3:41 PM
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The age of monthly ranks are over! Permanent Ranks are here!

Previously you could purchase ranks on a one month, three month and six month basis but we've now changed that so all ranks are PERMANENT. Once you've bought that rank, its yours for life!

The new ranks and prices are:

Gold - $15
Emerald - $25
Diamond - $50

That's not all though!
With the 3.0 update right around the corner, you can expect these ranks to offer ALOT more upon it's release so look forward to that!

Once again, thanks to all of ya for supporting us.

Edit 9/12/14 - Corrected the prices on the post. I put £ instead of $ by mistake. Whoops.