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by Vikkstar123 at 9:46 PM
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Hey guys,

This is my first forum post on here, it's a shame it has a negative slant to it.

Before I get into that I just want to say how wonderful it has been to have a Minecraft server with such a diverse community surrounding it, a place for my fans to play games. It hasn't been an easy process and is a constant battle to keep things running smoothly.

Recently our Dev MrWonanother (SheriffWoody) and Head-Admin Sabrine have stepped down from their positions on the team. They've been part of the server since it began and have both been a great help.
by sgtcaze at 6:10 AM
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I wanted to set some time aside to talk about the infamous LAG and BUGS present on the server. Hopefully after reading this, you'll gain a closer understanding about the issues we encounter.

Relevant Quote: "A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship". Here's a quick FAQ to kick this off:

Why does VikkCraftSG lag?
Contrary to popular belief, VikkCraftSG and the servers do not lag. That is, they don't lag in the way you're probably thinking. Java is a very fickle environment to run minecraft servers on. Think of Java like a series of dominoes: if just one falls, they all do. You may have noticed that, from time to time, there are unexpected freezes during game-play. This is because if a server crash is substantial enough, it can bring down the entire JVM.

Why are there so many bugs?
When people don't post on the "Bugs" section of the forums, I am led to believe there are no bugs. Please do not assume that "someone else will report it", since, for...