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Jul 20, 2014
Aug 10, 2013
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Jul 20, 2014
    1. Ethan Drawdy
      Ethan Drawdy
      Hi viktoria secret123
    2. CaptainEpic
      i love your vids
    3. Chris2014
      Hi =) ahm why i can't join to your server?
      It always say that restart your name
    4. TFAB02
      Hey dood
    5. Frantz
      Do I click survival games maps or application forum's I'm kinda a noon for this server
      1. LaurenPlaysGames likes this.
    6. Frantz
      How do I even get online
    7. RyeRye02
      Vikk, i got my account hacked on minecraft and he has been on servers saying free op and staff, i have proof that it was not me saying this but, i can no longer chat in the chat, please help its sucks
    8. Gage
      hey vikk can u pls tell me how to get on the sever if I can play with u can we pls team
      1. LaurenPlaysGames likes this.
    9. BMACK
      How do you get on to the sever. Can anyone help me PLEASE.
      1. LaurenPlaysGames likes this.
    10. MintyUnicorn24
      I was playing SG on your server and I was about to play with you. You were in the lobby and asking why we weren't surprised to see you and we wanted screen shots of you. A couple seconds before we were going to play, I was disconnected even though I had full connection before. Hopefully you can fix this on your server. July 22, 2014
    11. graham dockery
      graham dockery
      My friend and i have made a Hunger Games map and we were wondering if you could check it out and maybe we can talk about adding it to your Hunger Game maps you can contact me on my Skype: graham.d7 and we can send you the files there or you can come on to our server. Thanks for your time :D
    12. alienbuster9
      Vikk sorry about the Dev and Head-Admin quitting. Shame ur first post on the forums had such negativity. :( Oh well, there are always more people :)
      1. alzdoesmc likes this.
    13. Gage
      vikk I want to pllayyou plz come to server
    14. Turk
      how d you start playing plz help
    15. Berke
      Vikk I WANNA PLAY with you plz come to server
    16. AwesomeDude7700
      Vikk I would love to be a mod because I love you're server and want to help the server with any issues with it because a lot of people are being annoyed by the server being closed down or it's really I would like to help out so if u see this please do because you are really good youtuber thanks a lot AwesomeDude7700
    17. YoDaza123
      how do you play the survival game!?! ive been watching vik for about a year and want to play!
      1. alzdoesmc
        In your compass, you click Hunger Games. Then you walk up to the npc villager and right click him. Choose the SG server you want to play on by clicking a server :)
        Jul 30, 2014
    18. josephortiz
      hey vikk i luv ur vids. i big fanboy ur my favorite youtuber dude
    19. Shayne Charbonneau
      Shayne Charbonneau
      Hey Vikk You Should Probably Change Your account password/email because someone hacked into your account here is the video we thought u were blowing up ur own server but nah u wouldnt do that :)
    20. TypeHD
      Hi Vikk ur my favorite youtuber can u pls make mod apps for over 14 instead of 15
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